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Penang is one of the biggest island in Malaysia and one of the top tourist destination. I fell in love with Penang after my first trip in 2008. After that, I have visited this serene, exotic & much happening state of Malaysia several times. Here on Penangtraveltips.com, my aim is to provide tourists with the handy tips & guide, to make most of their trip to Penang.

There is almost everything for tourists in Penang. Since, it is an island state so there are plenty of beaches & resorts for tourists to unwind and relax. There are longest land to land bridges in Penang, hill station for a climate change, temples, mosques, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, nightlife & much more. The capital of Penang, Georgetown is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are plenty of old buildings in Georgetown dated back to hundred of years, still in a good shape. If you’re into history & heritage then Georgetown is like a hidden treasure.

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If you’re planning a trip to Penang, then you might want to know the top 10 tourists attractions in Penang and the best things to do in Penang. This will give you an idea of the places that you should visit on your trip. You will probably need a week trip, if you want to explore all the hidden gems of Penang.

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Penang is very accessible as there are direct flights to Penang from Singapore & Kuala Lumpur. You can also get a direct flight to Penang from Johor Bahru state in Malaysia & other states. If you’re in Langkawi, then you can also get to Penang via speedboat. It is also possible to travel to Penang via bus & car.