Batu Ferringhi Night Market – Shop & Dine at Night

Batu Ferringhi Night Market Penang Malaysia

Batu Ferringhi is a strip on the beachfront in Penang with dazzling perspectives, some of most spectacular inns at the Penang Island and the finest road market. An investigation of the region’s evening spell offerings is isolated into two sections. One is to begin with, head for the much admired Batu Ferringhi Night Market to acquire a sense for the spot and maybe to snatch a deal.

Batu Ferringhi is among the recommended places to visit in Penang. Arranged along the sides of the Battu Ferringhi fundamental street and takes up the whole asphalt, Batu Ferringhi’s night business sector is not to be missed when going by the northern piece of Penang. The stock on special is shifted yet completely traveler orientated.

At the point when individuals notice Batu Ferringhi, two things ring a bell: shoreline & night market. The Batu Ferringhi night market, generally known as the walkway bazaar, ends up being one of the territory’s significant pulls.

The Batu Ferringhi night market’s notoriety is legendary to the point that some have been known to come here all the time exclusively for the night market. Due to the diversity & popularity among tourists, the night market of Batu Ferringhi is also among the fun things to do in Penang at night.

Batu Ferringhi Night Market

It might appear unusual that Batu Ferringhi Night Market is among the finest places for night activity in Penang, however with tourist attractions that go from pilfered CD’s and fake creator accomplices to high quality nearby expressions and specialties, home décor things and keepsakes, this night business sector is surely a pleasure to watch.

Extending along Jalan Batu Ferringhi, it is a must visit experience when going by the northern piece of Penang. Amid the day, the road is clean and has almost no traffic; however at dusk many stalls set up offering a heap of deal things.

The thing that makes it an incredible shopping choice is the way that voyagers who stay along the Batu Ferringhi line don’t need to travel the distance into Georgetown. The main drawback is that you could buy selected things like garments at somewhat better costs nearby.

In the event that you want to purchase something, don’t purchase it at the very first booth you see. Observe around, and afterward return just on the off chance that you can’t discover a superior cost somewhere else. You can also test and check your bargaining skills at the night market as most of the stalls do not go by the rule of fixed price.

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Food at Night Market

The night bazaar of Batu Ferringhi is generally considered as heaven for food lovers. You will observe endless food stalls by local people selling Malay food, western food, BBQ, seafood and local dessert. you can try different varieties of satay, rojak, roti john, nasi lemak and other dishes.

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Opening Hours & Timing

The opening hours of night market of Batu Ferringhi is generally past evening. This is generally the case in most of the night bazaars in Malaysia like Jonker Street in Melaka. This is when most of the locals will be done with there day activities and ready to setup the stall for the tourists. The best timing to visit the night market is thus at night.

There are few places of interest that you might want to check nearby the nigh market of Batu Ferringhi. The places include:

Lobby Lounge at Hard Rock Hotel

Simple and cool, the Lobby Lounge at Hard Rock is isolated into an indoor space and outdoors segment, and gimmicks an enclosure topic with heaps of potted plants encompassing its metal tables and wooden seats. The main distinction to Ferringhi Garden is that pink paper lights add a more eccentric touch to this all the more family-arranged and encouraging spot.

Ferringhi Garden

Easily straddling the line in the middle of lavishness and inventiveness, the arrangement themed Ferringhi Garden is most well-known along Jalan Batu Ferringhi for its fulfilled menu. However in the event that you are searching for a potential after-supper recognize, this is additionally extraordinary decision, with the bar offering inventive mark mixed drinks.

Batu Ferringh is no doubt a favorite tourist attraction in Penang. A visit to Batu Ferringhi night market is always fun and an exciting experience. Do tell us your story of the night market by adding comments below.

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