Best 10 Places to Visit in Penang Island

Places to visit in Penang

Pulau Penang is full of interesting locations, attractions and historical marvels. The island is among the most famous tourist destinations all over the world and offers a magnificent selection of attractions and activities for any traveller from any walk of life. We have already covered some of the best tourist attractions in Penang here.

Best Places to visit in Penang

There are countless places to visit & things to do in Penang, as the island has a rich history and full of tourist attractions. Below is a list of the best places to visit in Penang to help any traveller find something exciting and entertaining to complete their holiday in Malaysia.

1. Georgetown

Georgetown, the capital city of Penang, is definitely one of the must-visit places in the island. Being one of the top tourist destinations in all of Malaysia, Georgetown is full of fascinating attractions and vibrant history to offer. The beautiful city was named after King George III and is one of the most well-preserved historic and cultural heritage sites in Southeast Asia.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 along with Melaka, Georgetown sees thousands of travellers all throughout the year. The most popular attractions in the city include Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Kapitan Keling Mosque, St. George’s Church, Goddess of Mercy temple & various heritage cafes.

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2. Batu Feringghi

Batu Feringghi is a popular beach destination in Penang and is highly renowned for the sunnier skies, sea breezes and sandy shores. However, aside from the beaches, Batu Feringghi’s main appeal to tourists from all over the world is the colorful nightlife.

As evening falls, the streets of Batu Feringghi come alive with the night market. Locally referred to as the ‘Pasar Malam’ the night market is open from dusk until past midnight. The sidewalk bazaar is full of temporary stalls operated by local sellers where visitors can purchase souvenirs, street food and various other items. Batu Feringghi also features quite a few great restaurants and bars on the streets and in the hotels.

3. Penang Hill

A trip to Penang is not complete unless you take some time to visit the fantastic Penang Hill. Located in the northern part of Penang, Penang Hill is one of the island’s most famous tourist attractions. On clear days, Penang Hill offers a 360 degree panoramic view from the top. Set at 821 meters above the capital of Penang, Penang Hill is known locally as Bukit Bendera.

The climate on top of the hill is about 5 degrees cooler than on the rest of the island and features the last remaining patch of tropical rainforest in Penang. The plants and animals on Penang Hill have been protected and preserved since the 1960’s. Aside from a stunning view, Penang Hill also offers visitors with the chance to enjoy the cool mountain air, the nature trails and the exotic animal life.

4. Upper Penang Road and Chulia Street

Upper Penang Road is a pedestrianized section of the Penang Road. Located between Farquahar Street’s two branches, Upper Penang Road is home to a selection of converted pubs and bistros. Additionally, Upper Penang Road also features a few historic mansions, including the former residence of the 4th wife of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.

If you are on the lookout for nightlife options in Georgetown, Upper Penang Road is where you ought to visit. This is a watering hole for expatriates in Penang and also to party loving tourists. The Slippery Senorita is a particularly famous beverage outlet in the area.

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Chulia Street, also known as Lebuh Chulia is a major road in Georgetown. The road is a long one and part of it lies within the Georgetown UNESCO World Heritage Site. As of today, Chulia Street is where you would find a vivid selection of budget accommodation options in George Town.

The street also features many travel agencies that specialize on visa extensions and visa procedures for travellers in the island. Being one of the oldest streets in the city of Georgetown, the street was laid during Captain Francis Light’s time. At first, Chulia Street was named after the Malabari Indians after Malabar Street.

5. Butterworth

Butterworth is certainly one of the best places to visit in Penang. This is a place where a great deal of activities and attractions can be found. Among the most famous attractions in Butterworth include the Penang Bird Park. Visitors can catch a glimpse of over 300 different avian species from the South East Asian regions.

The Temple of the Ninth Emperor God is also located at Butterworth. This is beautiful temple features exquisite architecture and is one of the best attractions in Butterworth. The Ninth Emperor God temple features three beautiful grand prayer halls and was built to replace an older temple in 2000.

There is a ferry service from the Penang mainland that will take tourists to Butterworth. The ferry also carries vehicles and it is also a favorite way for locals to commute as well. The unique aspect of Butterworth trip is that tourists will be able to catch a panoramic view of Penang on the way back from Butterworth.

6. Teluk Kampi Beach

The Teluk Kampi beach is the longest stretch of beach in Penang and is also a part of the Penang National Park. The beach is a haven for sun loving travellers who come in search for beach-side activities. Not to disappoint them, Teluk Kampi features a wide selection of activities including bird watching, camping and swimming. Teluk Kampi is a turtle breeding ground and from February to April is the perfect opportunity to witness the fascinating sight.

7. Penang Floating Mosque

Also known as Masjid Terapung, the Floating Mosque was constructed in 2004 as a replacement for an older mosque which got damaged from the tsunami disaster. Located on the Tanjung Bungah beach, the mosque carries a striking Moorish design and features seven story high minarets. The mosque offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the ocean and is the country’s first mosque to be constructed on the sea. The structure is supported by stilts and pillars and spans over 1200 square meters. The Floating Mosque can accommodate up to 1500 people.

8. Aman Island

The Aman Island is located about 2.5 nautical miles from the state of the Seberang Perai state on the mainland. The island is a beautiful and tranquil location home to about 300 people. The island features a quaint village that is surrounded by a beautiful tropical rainforest. Aman Island can be reached by a short boat ride from the town of Tambun. This is the perfect place to visit if you are on the lookout for an authentic island village lifestyle experience and extraordinary natural beauty.

9. Jerejak Island

Located in the South-East of Penang Island is the beautiful lush tropical island of Palau Jerejak. The beautiful island is not only blessed with natural marvels but also a rich and vibrant history. Once considered the Alcatraz of Malaysia, Pulau Jerejak is now one of the most well-developed tourist attractions in the country.

The island contains a spa and a resort along with a range of recreational facilities. The island’s lush tropical rainforest is one of the few left in the country. The forest is more than 400 years old and offers travellers with great photography and sightseeing opportunities.

10. Teluk Bahang Beach

If it is relaxation that you seek, then Teluk Bahang is the perfect spot to find it! The beautiful rocky beach of Teluk Bahang is the ideal weekend retreat where you can enjoy the waves and the sun without having to endure the crowds. Teluk Bahang features camping grounds, a recreational forest with fascinating activities and a Forestry Museum. The area also has several coastal villages scattered about, perfect to witness the fishermen’s lifestyle. Be sure to try out the seafood options to complete your visit.

These are the best places to visit in Penang Island. If you want to recommend a place to visit in Penang then please do so by adding comments below. If you’re traveling across Malaysia and would like to know places to visit in other destinations, below are some of the recommended guides:

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