Best 5 Restaurants to Try Western Food in Penang

western food in penang

Penang is not only known for its fancy malls and revitalizing atmosphere, but also known as a food heaven in Malaysia. Penang is without doubt a home to some of the Malaysia’s best western restaurants. If you are planning to visit Penang Island, then you can easily opt for a place to have your favorite western food.

Western Food in Penang

We have listed below some of the most popular restaurants that are serving western food in Penang. This guide might help you to reach one of the best places in town to have your favorite western food:

1. Western Spices @ Green Hall

Based entirely on the concept of western hospitality and services, Western Spices is situated just a little distant from the momentous Fort Cornwallis. The food here is provided with style, flamboyance and distinction. The menu offers a spectacular range of haute western cuisine that depicts the demonstration of superb delicacies. Run Nick and Ally, one more husband and wife duo, the couple whose culinary is inspired from their familiarity of world gastronomy.

They might dedicate a month to French dishes, and another they’ll serve up delicious assortments from the Caribbean. While Nick’s Specializes in a Caribbean-style chicken served with rice, beans and spicy sauce, Lau looks after the kitchen where he implements his international experience by producing specialties such as stuffed duck and vegetarian marinara spaghetti. A live jazz music concert that accompanies the sumptuous food every Wednesday makes this restaurant even a better place to spend a great day at. All in all it is the best place offering western food in Penang.

Address: 1, Green Hall, 10200, Penang, 10200, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-261 1553
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2. Ferringi Grill

Batu Ferringi is one of the popular tourist spot in Penang. Known among the tourist for its variety of western food, which can be found on one of the greatest owing hotels in Batu Ferringi, the Ferringi Grill is located on the ground floor at the Rosa Sayang Resort of the Rasa Wing. Ferringi Grill is very distinct from other restaurants, for its long windows and mesmerizing views of the gardens and grounds of the hotel.

In addition to the appealing atmosphere and cozy, inviting ambiance the amazing food prepared by the Chef David Pooley is a reason in itself for which it is rated among the most popular restaurants serving tasty western food in Penang. With a Culinary experience of almost 10 years, this Australian chef creates unique flavors with a synthesis of a wide range of ingredients and produces the signature dishes that are very popular among the locals and visitors. Brik Cannelloni pastry, which is a Pastry stuffed with curd and presented on a layer of sugary cherry tomato is the specialty of Ferringhi Grill.

You can also visit the Batu Ferringhi night market for shopping and enjoy the local cuisine. Our guide of best things to do in Batu Ferringhi will also help you make most of your visit to this popular tourist destination in Penang.

Address: 7-11 Batu Feringgi, 1, Lorong Sungai Emas, 11100 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-888 8888

3. EL Faro Tapas Bar & Wine

This wine bar El Faro has the top quality western food in Penang to offer in the entire Georgetown dining space. It is known for its specialized takings on Tapas heritage and each of its dish comes to perfection in both its preparation and presentation. These tapas dishes get even better when served with great tasting wines, a collection brought in from all around the world, mainly Western Europe and Spain.

Rustic Pella packed with the local seafood including prawns with sautéed vegetables are the signature dish of this extensive menu that El Faro has to offer. This place is greatly recommended for those who would love to indulge in Spanish spice while in Penang.

Address: 231, Jalan Burma, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-227 2310
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4. Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen is a very humble, simple and reasonable restaurant that offers best western food in Penang, to its clienteles by every means. It places its importance on “soul food”. You will see that the menus are not printed, the services are very casual and the Soul kitchen stresses upon maintaining its steady influx of clients with their simple, fresh and healthy food. In the Soul Kitchen all the dishes are prepared from scrap, cooked and served fresh. The Soul Kitchen is owned by a couple, both belonging to different nationalities, Malaysia and Germany, works to bring their own food heritage to the Soul Kitchen.

Just a few years ago, Tonio Neuhaus and Michelle came to Penang for a holiday and decided to move in from Berlin where they were originally staying. Being a love lover and was previously a music manager, Tonio gave the name Soul to this Western restaurant. If you are looking for a good lavish western meal which is purely simple and home cooked, Soul kitchen is the right place to be in.

5. Kebaya Restaurant

Kebaya Restaurant offers a great dining experience, which is a Seven Terraces establishment. It is an extravagant boutique hotel reflecting a blend of modern-day and old-fashioned design. Kebaya Restaurant bouts on the hotel’s prominence of distinguished quality and a genuine native experience, with a variety of French cuisine cooking procedures combined with typical Indo and Chinese servings.

New Zealand lamb, Hong Bak Beef, broiled in a combination of Chinese and Indian spices. Red Snapper, which is baked with turmeric cooked into a pie, is certain favorite dishes offered by Kebaya restaurant. The cookery reveals the creativity of Christopher, a chef, who through his innovations with flavors offers an immaculate dining experience that awaits both the tourists and the locals and hence, is known for being the best in serving western food in Penang.

Address: Located in 2-16 Stewart Lane, Georgetown, Penang.
Hopefully, our list of top-notch restaurants serving western food in Penang might help you during your trip. This will save you from the hassle of finding one great place to satisfy your cravings and hunger. If you are interested in German cuisine then you can checkout best German restaurants in Penang. To recommend a western restaurant in Penang, please do so by adding comments below.

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