Best 5 things to do in Penang with Kids

things to do in penang with kids

Penang is the gem of Malaysia with so much hidden on this beautiful tourist destination. A perfect holiday spot for families, there are many things to do in Penang Island. From a variety of Food stalls to shops in the narrow streets to the fancy huge malls to movies and monuments – Penang has a lot to offer to keep the visitors occupied with lots of entertainment, excitement and relaxation at the same time.

Things to do in Penang with Kids

There are many activities you can do with kids in Penang. Some of the most popular things to do in Penang with kids and families are:

Spend a fun day on Orangutan Island

Orangutans are a breed of some adorable and amiable monkeys that kids would love to hang out with for some time. Orangutan Island is situated in Bukit Merah, which can be directly accessed from Penang through a car. They are doing some great deal of work by trying to rehabilitate Orangutans. On this Orangutan Island, you will love the adventure of going around and encountering the Orangutans from the closest.

You will find the Orangutans ranging from different ages. There is also a water park in the area that your kids might love to visit after surprising themselves with watching the orangutans closely. This unique activity in Penang is no doubt one of the best things to do in Penang with kids.

Beat the Heat at the Adventure Zone of Batu Ferringhi

The temperature at Penang can get really hot, and if you wish to beat the heat than spending your day playing in the water, Adventure zone would be the best place for you. With a number of water slides, there are also some video games and outdoor games for kids or adults or all ages. The lobby also has a free Wi-Fi, so those who might have to catch up with work can settle on well set tables and chairs and avail the Wi-Fi in the lobby without any intrusion.

Unlike other adventure parks, there are some quality cafes and canteens that serve snacks and drinks. You can also make use of Batu Ferringhi night market which is famous for food & shopping.

Visit the Penang Youth Park

This is probably among the best free parks around in Penang. With wide playing grounds, skating tracks, pathways from cycling or jogging and clean, large pools for swimming, this perfectly landscaped youth park will give you every reason to enjoy to the fullest. The best part about it that it is free of cost. The trees around the park provides a much needed shade in the day in case you want to rest.

There is also monkey on the loose, they are harmless unless you have food or snacks with you, in which case they might try to attack. In case of a bite, get to the doctor as soon as possible.

Spend quality time at the National Park of Penang

This park has all that you would need to spend a great day and indulge in just any fulfilled activity. From wet water games like swimming to hiking on the tracks to exploring the rich wildlife – Penang National Park has it all. You can have a picnic along the water while your children can play in it. The monkeys scampering around you while you take a stroll on a well maintained track, or jump in a boat and explore the park while boating on the water.

The boat with 12 seats costs $40 that takes you to the Turtle Island. You will see turtles of every size on the Island, you won’t be able to resist adoring the baby turtles. On the other end of the Island is a beautiful lake, which should only be watched and admired, especially in the raining season since there are jellyfish in the lake that you don’t want to be stung by.

Then there is a monkey beach, where you would see monkeys scurrying about. However, you got to be careful around them, especially if you have some snacks with you, these little tramps stalk and snatch the snacks for people. The National Park of Penang is highly recommended for a family day out.

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Penang State Museum

Located in Georgetown along Jalan Farquhar is a museum building that houses Penang’s State Museum. This is one of the favorite tourist spots, especially for those with kids. Sanctuaries like these have always fascinated the children who love getting enlightened about the medieval lifestyles and antiques and articles depicting the good old times.

Considered as one of the best Museums in Malaysia, The state museum is divided into galleries. These galleries, mostly depicts Penang’s historical communities, their lifestyles and some prominent events. Apart from that you will also see some photographs, maps and documents. The old Chinese furniture is also displayed with some specimens of Chinese embroidery and costumes. Moreover, there are special exhibitions that are arranged here in the museum.

These are some of the best things to do in Penang with kids. If you would like to recommend an activity or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below. If you’re traveling with kids in Singapore & Malaysia, below are some of the recommended readings:

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