Best Hawker Food in Penang you should try

Best Hawker Food in Penang

Penang hawker food is extremely popular all over the world. With Malay, Indian, Chinese and Peranakan influences, the hawker food stalls offer a delightful explosion of flavor all throughout George Town. Of course, the list of Penang hawker food goes on and the best way to get a taste of all the different options is to settle on some of the best options and to give them a try. Majority of the items on menu comes from famous Penang street food as well.

Best Hawker Food in Penang

We have listed some of the best hawker food in Penang that you should try on your trip to Penang Island. These hawker foods are not only famous in Penang but also worldwide.

Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng is one of the most popular hawker dishes. The dish consists of noodles, stir fried on high heat with a fried egg, tofu, vegetables and flour batter fritters. The dish is served with lime to squeeze onto the noodles and has a distinct blend of sweet, sour and spice. Some of the most popular Mee Goreng outlets include the Gurney Drive Hawker Center and Ali Stall.

Fried Koay Teow

Translating to stir-fried rice cake strips, this particular dish is one of the highest rated hawker food options in Penang. The dish is made with flat rice noodles that are stir fried over high heat with soy sauce, whole prawns, bean sprouts, de-shelled cockles, Chinese chives and chili. Many hawker food lovers recommend enjoying the dish while it is still hot for the best effect. The best outlets include a Sunrise coffee shop, Pulau Tikus night market and New World Park.

Penang Laksa

This dish carries a delightful minced fish soup with a sour and spicy kick. The soup is thick and flavored with tamarind water, lemongrass and chili attain the distinct taste. If you visit popular hawker stalls such as the Indian Laksa and Chop Waa Chee Coffee Shop, you will notice that the soup is always made from scratch, using fresh local ingredients.

A variation of the Penang Laksa is the Assam Laksa in which the soup is served with added Assam, pineapple, cucumber, shallots, chili, mint leaves and shrimp paste. Penang Laksa is certainly a must-try and the best hawker food in Penang

Hokkien Mee

Also known as Hokkien Hae Mee or Hokkien prawn noodles, the dish is served with blanched kangkung, sliced prawns, meat, egg and bean sprouts. This dish is so popular that most visitors actually call their favorite hawker food stalls to pre-order it as the high demand causes it to run out. Hokkien Mee also comes in a dry variation made with thick noodles, dried in soy sauce and served with sambal belacan.

The popular stalls to get your hands on some Hokkien Mee include Green House, Cathay Coffee Shop and Classic Coffee Shop.

Curry Mee

Curry Mee is a must-try dish among the many other hawker food options in Penang. While there are many variations, the White Curry Mee is Penang’s own version which stands out from the rest with its flavorful coconut milk soup. Made with egg noodle, rice vermicelli and a soup made with coconut milk, the dish is served with bean curd, cuttlefish, prawns and mint leaves.

Hawker stall owners use fresh coconuts and chili to ensure maximum flavor. The most popular Curry Mee outlets include the Curry Mee Stall, Coffee Island and Hawker Tang Twa Chait.

Ice Kacang and Chendol

If you have had a delicious, spicy, filling meal, the next course should be a refreshing dessert. Chendol is made with rice flour and red beans along with coconut milk and shaved ice. The dessert is topped with brown sugar syrup and is the perfect thirst-buster on sunny days. The coconut milk is the key flavoring that makes Chendol such a delicious dessert. The milk is freshly prepared to maintain its taste.

Ice Kakang is usually served in a bowl with the toppings covered up with shaved ice. The dessert is sweetened with evaporated milk, black syrup and red syrup. Ice Kacang & Chendol is a must-try dessert and the best hawker food in Penang.

These are some of the best hawker food to try in Penang. You might also want to try one of the best Penang cafe after the food. If you want to recommend a hawker food that we missed then please do so by adding comments below.

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