Snake Temple Penang – Temple of the Azure Cloud

Snake Temple Penang

A temple that is renowned as Temple of the Azure Cloud is similarly known as the Snake Temple Penang as well. It is, therefore, assumed as a unique temple among the whole Penang city. The historical background of this temple has begun after being admired by a dweller named as Chor Soo Kong, who was primarily famous for possessing innumerable relaxing treatments. He arrived in Penang as a Buddhist monk.

There are thus plenty of myths and false realities associated with those relaxing treatments. Hence, many visitors and tourists come from far away located cities like Taiwan and Singapore to visit this for prayers on a particular occasion of Chor Soo Kong’s birthday (His birthday is on 6th of first lunar month). Thus, this temple is primarily called Snake Temple Penang because the abundance of snakes is visited on this special day. This temple is also one o the main tourist attractions in Penang.

Overview of Snake Temple Penang

Read on to have a virtual tour of Snake Temple Penang, so that you can get a brief idea of this place, before you step in the island:

Establishment of Snake Temple Penang

This Snake Temple was generally created in the remembrance of Chor Soo Kong, in the year 1875. Therefore, its creation came into being when the British dweller David Brown in 1873 was cured of the sickness as he prayed to Chor Soo Kong. Then after being cured Mr. David donated a piece of owning land by him for the livelihood of Chor Soo Kong in which Snake Temple was established.

The legend of being called a Snake Temple

There is a legend before the name was suggested for this temple being created in Penang city. He was generally renowned as a Chinese religious monk, who brought the statue of deified healer and many wild snakes to this temple just after its invention. For instance, after the establishment of the temple, it was housed by the abundance of wild snakes that mainly was the reason of giving it the name of Snake Temple Penang.

Popularity of the Snake Temple

This temple is majorly popular by being a house of many distinctive poisonous wild snakes that are hardly seen around the globe. Hence, on the way to the temple we can capture the souvenirs while moving towards this temple by a camera available here.

Ideal location of Snake Temple

The location of Snake Temple can be traced at the point of Sungai Kluang directed towards the Bayan Lepas Airport Penang. For instance, most of the tourists give a cursory view to this Snake Temple as passing by because of dangerous wild snakes been found here in abundance.

Attractive features of Snake Temple

Below are some of the attractive features of Snake Temple Penang:

  • At the entrance of Snake Temple there is an incense burner for the visitors to burn their huge incense.
  • Snakes here are poisonous and it is recommended that such snakes are not capable to bite the visitors.
  • After entering the temple we will certainly find the main hall associated for prayers only; covered with the smoke yielding out from burning incense. For instance, smoke filled in the hall cause those snakes unable to move.
  • The devotees believe that the snakes here deities to them, therefore, people consider them to be harmless.

The Snake Temple is one of the most visited places in Penang and tourists across the globe visit this special place. You can also visit this place and take note of different information. It’s a historic place and thus, helpful in increasing your knowledge about different beliefs and myths.

Address: Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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